Social Outreach

Common misconception about tattoo removal is that it’s only about Regret. Regrets insinuate that the wearer chose their tattoos. Not everyone chooses the tattoos they carry and that idea drives my community outreach.

Property/gang tattoos

People can be branded without their knowledge and/or consent:

Human Trafficking victims are often branded with tattoos. These tattoos infer ownership of their bodies as property and can be an ongoing reminder of past trauma. I work in partnership with Angels of Hope Against Human Trafficking and Sudbury and Area Victim Services to engage referrals and services at no charge to the client.

Radiation Markers

People sometimes are required to be tattooed for medical purposes:

Radiation Markers are ink injected into the skin. They are used to align equipment to the exact position on the body during multiple rounds of radiation treatment. Although small, these black spots remain even after triumph from the illness. This service is provided at a one time cost regardless of the number of sessions.

Racist/hateful tattoos

People can be influenced by extreme ideology:

Racist, hateful and anti-social tattoos are widely unacceptable not only to the wearer, but to an unsuspecting audience. The goal with these tattoos is to reduce the pain they inflict on marginalized and vulnerable communities. I believe cost should never be a barrier to moving past hate. The cost of removing a hateful tattoo is a suggested donation to local groups serving the black and marginalized communities in Sudbury.

The recognition of one’s ability to change and overcome their past is issued without judgement at Blackout Tattoo Removal. It is a safe place for anyone able to disagree with their former self and work towards a better version of themselves.